Heroes of the Storm gets into a snowball fight and teases Blaze while Overwatch breaks out the comics

Enjoying your yeti hunts in Overwatch this holiday season? You can get a little more of the “backstory” of this event, such as it is, by reading a new animated comic book starring Mei and Mr. Yeti. Even without any spoken words, it’s seven kinds of adorable.

Over at Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard has teased the launch of Blaze next year and instigated a snowball fight among players. With both fluffy and heavy snowballs, each fight is sure to end in a hilarious mess. And when players complete three snowball fights, they will be treated to a loot chest.

If that’s too frivolous for you, there is always the offerings of the MOBA’s newest patch. It’s mostly a balance update that contains a significant nerf to Garrosh’s groundbreaker ability. Blizzard explains:

While he is well balanced with regard to his win-rate, Garrosh has been widely considered more punishing than other Warriors compared to the amount of counter-play he offers. While we love his playstyle and the epic moments he can create, we wanted to reduce the amount of frustration he can cause opponents. We’ve added a window of time between being hit by Groundbreaker and being thrown into the enemy team, which should help players have more opportunity to outplay him. We’re also looking at other Heroes who are lacking in counter-play, or are overly frustrating to play against, and are planning to make similar changes to them in the future.

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Danny Smith

Nice to see mae remains a horrible monster in an adorable form.


Yeah I own both skins Mei’s Yeti Hunter and Winston’s Yeti skin. And Justin you are welcome. :)