Seed offers fans a brief look at pre-alpha footage


You could argue that a pre-alpha is itself a seed that will eventually grow into a full, playable game. It’d be a bit of a tortured metaphor, but it would also mean that you could make the argument that the two minutes of pre-alpha footage available for Seed below represent a seed of Seed. And isn’t it all worth as many tortured metaphors as it takes to make a lame joke?

Probably not. In fact, it’s probably more productive to just watch the footage and think a little bit about what you’re seeing on the screen. You get to see the early version of building structures, plotting gardens, and developing a campsite from a small gathering into a larger group, so all of that is pretty indicative of the final game Seed wants to be. We’ll see how it blossoms over the coming months.

Source: YouTube; thanks to for the tip!

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This looks like the kind of game I could enjoy playing alone, offline, for hours on end.


Wasn’t there a futuristic MMO called Seed some years back? I remember playing it and marveling at how broken it was.

More on topic, color me intrigued. I like the aesthetic, and the music if the trailer is indicative of what’s in the game. Though, I imagine it will be some time before I start actively checking on Seed. Following pre-alpha/alpha games isn’t something I enjoy very much.

Suicide King

Yes there was. A non-combat MMO. You were supposed to be able to talk to NPC’s in chat just like other players. I remember it being forced to go live, just to try and get more funds to continue development.

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They should have held off a bit from releasing that.