Amazon’s New World page is back again [Updated]

Hello again.

On Monday of last week, we reported that a video of the anticipated and rather mysterious New World from Amazon had been leaked… and the game’s Amazon landing page vanished at the same time, sending out missives to everyone who’d registered to follow it. In what is probably good news, it turns out the page is back again and none the worse for wear. So now you get to pick your own explanation for what happened to it.

  • It was never supposed to go down at all and was entirely an accident, and the timing of that and the video is pure coincidence.
  • The removal and replacement represents a big shift of some sort behind the scenes and the leaked video was before the change, thus meaning that the leak may not bear much resemblance to the final product.
  • It was already cancelled but somehow the page got turned back on by mistake.
  • Someone thought it was Breakaway.

Which one is correct? We don’t know yet! Perhaps keeping our eyes on the page will produce some answers.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Eric for the tip!
Update: Amazon has just sent out a note to everyone who’d signed up for game notifications – here’s what landed in my inbox:

“Hello, We’re contacting you about an email you may have received regarding […] for ‘New World’ stating “Your digital video games and software purchases are now available for use.” This email was sent in error and can be disregarded. The “New World” game is not currently available for use. You can check your open orders in Your Games and Software Library ( ) at any time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. You will be notified when New World becomes available. Sincerely, Customer Service,”

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