MU Ignition brings its first content update two weeks after launch

All right, then.

We all remember the days way back when, with MU Ignition launching after a lengthy beta period of a few weeks. Now, with launch fading into memory (it was two weeks ago), the game has already brought out its first content update and raised the level cap to 400.

We leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess if that’s being raised from a prior cap of 300 or, like, 10. It’s a pretty big number either way.

Regardless, players can explore new areas, reach a new third promotion with Blade Knight, Soul Masters, and Muse Elves, and take part in various new in-game events along the way. If you’ve been enjoying the game so far, this will probably just mean that you have more reason to do so, but if you only like to play games where the level cap is evenly divisible by eight, you’ll also be happy with this.


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