The Daily Grind: How often do you revisit old MMOs?

I am nothing if not a creature of habit, and one of those habits is to revisit MMOs that I’ve previously played and left. I like to “check in” with these old haunts about once a year to see if there’s anything new to suck me in or if I’ve simply come back around to wanting to settle back in to a particular title.

Recently I wrapped up a month of Final Fantasy XIV, which I find that I’m revisiting every spring. It’s long enough to have a bit of fun but also to be reminded why this game isn’t quite up my alley (the classes and combat don’t really excite me, for starters). But even if it didn’t end up bringing me back in, I was happy to say hi to old friends and toss in a dash of different gaming flavor to my routine.

What about you? How often do you revisit MMOs of your past and what have you found in them lately?

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Joe Seabreeze

I think the real question should be, “how often do you play new mmos?”. The mmos that are the most fun are ones that have come out 5 years ago or longer.


I guess depending on what we consider old, I only play older MMOs. I go back to WoW now and then, Legion was a blast. But it seems no matter what MMO I play when I get bored I always come back to EQ1. And each time I come back Im amazed of how open it is as a true MMO RPG. Yet its been six years since I started EQ1 and I have never seen another game that came close to what it offers. sad.


Hmm. It ebbs and flows just like personel in Donald Trump’s administration.

So, PoE? Always end up going there every 4 or 5 months. Easy to jump in have some fun, and then get out when I have had my fill.

SWTOR? Only IF there is something to go back for and then only to acquire or experience that thing, whatever it is. Mako, yup. For her I’d return. For more the current crap they have going on ie. “revamped” conquests? Lololololol! “Babeee, pleeeze!”

UO? Usually once a year when I am feeling like a superior veteran player.

ArchAge? Never. No tricks. No Traps.

TL;DR? Yes, I go back from time to time.

**Note: I did try and go back to AA on join Deekay and gang. But… I couldn’t get past the intro once I got in. I don’t view myself as bitter, but I suppose I do have my limits.

Alex Malone

Pretty much never.

Every couple of years I go back to SWGEmu to see what progress has been made but thats about it. The problem I have is that MMOs get worse over time so revisiting old games is always a kick in the teeth. If I’ve only been gone a short amount of time then returning isn’t too bad, I did this with LotRO – left to play WAR but returned 6 months later.

A Dad Supreme

I don’t do that anymore… revisit old MMOs.

I used to do it a lot about five years ago when I’d re-subscribe, log-in and after two or three days start to remember why I quit MMO X in the first place. Log out and get angry for wasting money.

Now when I quit an MMO, I figure I’ve already done mostly all of what I wanted to do in it and can’t get that feeling of joy back in that game. It always feels as if I’m just doing busy work, hanging around the auction house and cleaning up loose ends like an “achievement”, title or something, when I don’t really care about achievements and titles.

Coming back months/years later when a company has really only added about 5-10% more content (comparatively) later on via expansions/updates that I’ll finish in two or three weeks only to quit again is no longer feels worth it.

Kickstarter Donor

I randomly visit my old MMOs sometimes. Usually during events or new feature releases. For example, I was cleaning out my closet the other day and and found my FFXI guidebook and thought about downloading it again. I keep a few oldies but goodies installed just in case I get bored and/or tired of Overwatch.

Nate Woodard

I think WoW is the only game I actually revisit and play for any length of time. Since GW2 launched I have revisited it about three times and I never stick around for very long. I hold out a vein hope, but who truly knows what the future holds for that game. I do like some of the things they did with PoF, but ultimately, I seem to become just a little more indifferent to the game and thus the future of it each time I go back.

Oleg Chebeneev

Fairly often. I have over 20 MMORPGs installed and kept on HDD, so it only takes a click of shortcut. They rarely hold me for more then a day tho

Cosmic Cleric

I just created a new character in Guild Wars 2, latest since 2013, so, yes, but rarely.

I’m really ready for a new sub-based MMO that’s non-raiding, PVE focused, exploration and dungeon-crawl based, with great stories.

Nick Smith

Elder Scrolls Online. Sub up. Run the random dungeon finder and explore the world for good stories :)

Cosmic Cleric

Elder Scrolls Online

Thanks for the suggestion.

I own it and played it, but unfortunately didn’t enjoy the UI/combat, so stopped. Got as far as the first town, and some quests around there.

Kickstarter Donor

For WOW.. once a year usually, everything else only if their is some significant improvement or expansion or something is fixed that was a reason I stopped playing it.