Lord of the Rings Online team works on future ‘far-flung adventures’

Having some issues with Lord of the Rings Online Update 22? A small patch released on Wednesday may have cleared it up. The small patch contains a couple of dozen fixes to various quests, systems, and NPCs that came with the Northern Mirkwood expansion.

Destructoid recently touched base with Lead Designer Ben Schneider, who discussed the current Northern Mirkwood update and the future direction of the game. Schneider said that the team is bursting with ideas for where LOTRO can go from here.

“We will continue to fill and illuminate the map with those far-flung adventures, and the great news is that there is plenty of map,” he said. “Following up, people tend to skip ahead to the Scouring the Shire after the fall of Sauron. But there’s a lot more to explore — from Arwen and Aragorn having a wedding to the reign of Aragorn, new king of Gondor.”

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