ROKH studio Darewise says it’s not abandoning the survival sandbox for new sci-fi MMO Project C


Survival sandbox fans will be pleased to know that ROKH hasn’t been abandoned. The game’s given the appearance of struggling over the past couple of years; it canceled a flagging Kickstarter in 2016 and plowed on through several delays to hit early access not quite a year ago. Since then, as we reported at the time, it was bogged down in a “legal dispute” that set the game back even further in its development, though that’s apparently been settled.

So this week’s patch will be a welcome relief. Darewise says it’s wiped the servers to patch in the new crafting system and that it’s “still working on what will be the future of ROKH” – it appears the company is in discussions for a “co-publishing” partnership.

Readers will recall that Darewise popped up in the news earlier this month in conjunction with another game: Project C, a brand-new sci-fi MMO. Apparently, Darewise has already collected a big team to work on that, including big names from the Thief and Half-Life series. The company has addressed that move to ROKH players as well, promising that ROKH is “a priority.”

“As you can imagine, the performance of ROKH being limited, we went looking for new partners to continue developing Darewise. We were approached by business partners to work on a new intellectual property. We obviously wanted to merge this opportunity with ROKH but unfortunately, this was not possible. As you know, Darewise has been the publisher of ROKH but now we have the opportunity to be the developer of Project C and we can not pass on this opportunity to go back to our roots. This project is in very very early stage. This does not change anything for ROKH. Project C is a very different and separate project. Teams are not shared and we still make ROKH a priority. We care about ROKH’s players and about our initial funding partners. We will continue to do whatever we can to bring this game to its best shape.”

Source: Steam. Thanks, Kinya!
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