RuneScape learns Spring Fayre microtransaction lessons while Old School RuneScape tweaks mobile

We have a bank!

It’s springtime in regular flavor RuneScape, and that means the Spring Fayre has returned. You might remember the event from last year, when the playerbase rioted over the frankly ridiculous microtransactions involved in the event. Jagex appears to have learned from that debacle as it’s now a free-to-play episode.

“This time it works a little differently: the Fayre will no longer need entry tokens for participation meaning you can have all of the fun for free! The Spring Fayre will pack up on April 23rd so make sure to take advantage of the attractions available to you!”

Those attractions include fortune telling, scavenger hunts, carnie games, cotton candy, Easter eggs, and all the other traditional midway shenanigans.

Meanwhile, over in Old School RuneScape, the team says the 2000 players who put the mobile client through its paces last winter provided excellent feedback. “We surveyed the testers and the overwhelming consensus was that it was responsive, the control mechanics are suitable, and the application mostly meets your expectations,” says the studio. That doesn’t mean nothing’s getting a tweak, however. The studio’s planning on improving the banking menu, spellbook UI, login UI, item dropping, tooltips, and controls. UI customization, mind you, isn’t on the agenda.

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