Worlds Adrift adds 300 brand-new player-made islands to its early access build

Last week, the Worlds Adrift team asked you to break its servers. You didn’t. But you did give them a thorough test, which pushes Bossa Studios along to the next leg of development. And that means… a whole new world. A lot of new worlds, in fact, all of them built by players with the free creator tool.

Worlds Adrift is a Community-Crafted MMO, but what exactly does that mean? Yes, ‘crafting’ plays a key element in the game, whether that’s building a better ship, forging a new alliance, or plotting out your next adventure, but it actually goes a lot deeper than that. In fact, look out to the horizon, and each and every island that scatters the skyline was crafted by a player, such as yourself, using our free Island Creator tool… and we just dropped another 300 of your amazing creations into game, with the recent release of 0.1.9.”

We’ve included the thank-you fly-through video below, along with the explainer video, which features a “burger-eating sasquatch and a frail-looking Japanese woman with a goatee” discussing the state of the game. Not really though.

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I’ve been wondering what you actually do in the game. Why would you visit any of those islands?


Well, you explore. The world is persistent for one thing… so things that have gone on… such as ship battles, etc… the remnants remain. So you can scavenge for new parts, etc.

There are also lore books placed around the worlds.

It’s actually quite fascinating game, and the way they are building on it, the cultures and the overall history of the world… well worth it!


Well beyond just getting to run around and explore a beautiful hand crafted island?

There are chests and other objects hidden on/in/under the islands that contain blueprints and experience and items that you need to progress in the game.

Then you build airships to travel to other islands or possibly to fight other players airships if you want.