Dungeons and Dragons Online meets the Disciples of Rage

The call for adventurers has gone out yet again in Dungeons and Dragons Online. Yesterday, the game pushed out Update 38: Disciples of Rage, a new adventure pack that starts in House Jorasco.

It sounds as though sinister dealings are afoot: “The Beacon that looms over Stormreach’s Harbor is known as the Emperor. For as long as humanoids have lived there, the Emperor has stood, and the beacon it holds has shone brightly both night and day. Meanwhile, a faction of the Cult of the Dragon Below plots.”

In addition to the new quests, Update 38 has made significant adjustments (read: buffs) to the Artificer and Druid classes. Players will find that dual-wielding weapons are going to function better while moving, meet new Eyelet companions, and just about a billion other things. Seriously, read the patch notes if you play, because this update has a ton of stuff to absorb.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks DDOCentral!

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New summary on the DDO website for Update 38: https://www.ddo.com/en/update-38-disciples-rage


The Artificer class is adding a third tree to its builds, as is the Druid class. The new Renegade Mastermaker should “flesh out” the Artificer class quite a bit. :)