Conan Exiles just patched in farming, fast travel, The Purge, and the combat revamp on both platforms


It’s a big day over in Conan Exiles, whether you’re on PC or Xbox One, as Funcom’s just rolled out a major patch ahead of the official launch next month. The highlight is assuredly the complete overhauled combat system, which revamps weapon type attacks, chain attacks, dodging, backflips, stamina, kicking, status effects, and maybe most importantly, targeting locking.¬†Players will also be encountering the first edition of The Purge mechanics, whereby the game will spawn baddies attack your base depending on your combat and base strength. The fast travel maproom, new HUD, and farming are in too.

“By obtaining seeds from plants and making compost through the compost heap, it is now possible to plant and harvest your own crops. In order to craft fertilizer in the compost heap, you will need plant-fiber, rotten meat and bonemeal, which can be obtained by grinding (amongst other things) bone, claws, fangs or ivory in the grinder. For certain plants, you may need potent fertilizer, for which you will need to add ash and blood to the mix. By planting seeds and fertilizer in the planters, your crops will grow over time. In addition to this, should you want to decorate your land, a selection of potted plants have been added to the game, which are much less costly than the planters.”

Voice chat, by the way, is still slated for launch.

Want to know how it all actually plays before ducking in yourself? We got a hands-on with this patch earlier this month.

Source: PC patch notes, Xbox One patch notes. Thanks, David!
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