Elder Scrolls Online’s update 18 adds PvP dailies and buffs, tackles PvP latency

gotta keep 'em separated
Even if you’re not buying Summerset at launch like some kind of crazed loon, you’re still going to want to keep an eye on the free stuff going into The Elder Scrolls Online when the chapter launches. That goes double for PvP players, who will see a load of improvements come Update 18 next month.

For starters, you’re getting new PvP daily quests to cap a set number of keeps, towns, resources, and players, with pretty decent loot that’s normally available only through alliance wars. Catapults, NPCs, and underdog algorithms are also due for an update. How you’re rewarded in Cyrodiil is changing too.

“Now, when you perform an action (fighting, capturing, healing etc.) around an objective, be it a keep, resource, or outpost, you’ll be added to its reward credit list. When the objective ‘ticks’ and distributes Alliance Points and Experience, you’ll receive them regardless of where you are at the time. You’ll no longer need to wait for the tick, and you can freely move around, fight enemy players, or even capture other nearby resources!”

Still frustrated by the lag monster? ZeniMax says it’s improving server and client performance as well as latency. “Update 18 also increases the amount of CPU cores used by the game client, meaning high-end PCs will enjoy a boost to framerate, and consoles will enjoy improvements to character load times and fewer framerate spikes overall.”

Finally, as previously announced, the Morrowind battlegrounds will be switched over to base-game access, so you won’t need to own it to play them.

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Roger Melly

I think the PVP daily quests are a good idea . The biggest problems I had with ESO though were the lack of an auction house and finding a decent friendly mature guild . I think the problem with the later was allowing people to join multiple guilds on one character led to a lot of players not being invested in any one guild they joined on a social level .


That’s one thing that really bugs me with both ESO and GW2 is that guilds are way too flippant. GW2 tries to give them a purpose with weeklies or whatever but that didn’t seem super compelling, and ESO the main reason why is because they didn’t bother to put in an Auction House system so everything is sold via guilds.


While these changes are desperately needed, what isn’t mentioned is what’s killed ESO’s pvp community. The load screen fix listed in this patch was copy and pasted from the previous patch, which also didn’t fix this several year old bug. None of the dozens of bugs me and my guildmates encounter weekly are listed as being fixed.

Meanwhile, the classes in need of nerfs got buffed, especially the one you have to pay extra for to play continuing to spark realistic p2w debates, while others got nerfed. Item sets such as earthgore, a really op healing two piece set that procs when group mate’s health drops to a certain %, remains intact when the entire meta surrounds it due to how strong it is. Negate, a sorc ultimate skill, is receiving another buff after bringing the game’s meta backwards similar to the purposely altered 1.6 era meta where whoever had the most negates won.

Battlegrounds still don’t grant enough ap as rewards even when you win often. I’ve played close to 500 bg’s and won nearly 390 of them, during that time I lost over 1 million gold in food, potions, and poisons because the ap rewards alone are so small compared to ap earned in Cyrodiil. Pvpers fight over and in the exact same places four years later with even less to fight for, the ap/gold/xp increasing passives based on how many keeps you own doesn’t work and has been broken for months.

The emperor health buff doesn’t take effect half or more of the time, a health increasing buff when your faction has emperor. The invisible group member bug has gotten worse not better, it used to be when it occurred (which is very often) you could only see the group member’s chevron, now you can’t even see that. This bug causes 5-10 minute loading screens when your grouped with someone who is invisible to you, which now you can’t even tell has happened!

Siege reticle bugs are still ingame, I first encountered this bug over 3 years ago, where when you use a siege engine there is no reticle and you have to keep using it and exiting till you have one again. I can go on and on like this listing bugs that have been around for years and are still not fixed, individually they are annoying, together they’ve chased away this game’s pvp community and rightfully so.

Sunken Visions

Sorry, but pvp in ESO failed for the same reason that most MMO pvp fails; it’s just unbalanced garbage designed to placate angsty teenagers.

Sana Tan

Nice, I once was in a keep defense that lasted like 30 minutes, very epic but I got disconnected just when I was about to recieve my AP… :(


It’s happened to me more than once. I feel your pain.

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Alex Willis

Longtime ESO player, but PvP noob. I’ve been playing more and more recently with the idea of getting into PvP. Can anyone here who is a PvP Vet give me some general tips/suggestions? I’ve found several builds I think I might be OK with but I often feel lost about where to even get started with realm warfare. Besides just roaming around and getting ganked, is there a good place to go for open grouping? Any other tips?


I’m also a PvP noob and am waiting to get stronger before going back in there. My suggestion would be to find a guild that can answer your questions and if it’s a PvP one, you can run with them and they will teach you the things.

Roaming around, I learned from personal experience is just asking to get your ass kicked especially if you don’t know what to do. So stick with a group and do what they do for a few days until you get a grasp on things.

Chris Walker

PVP is my favorite activity in ESO, so I can give a few tips, such as they are:

– For smaller encounters, and even some 1v1s, skulk around the towns in Cyrodiil — Bruma, Cheydinhal, Cropsford, and Chorrol are good for that.
– The Imperial city is also a good place to mix PVE with PVP on a smaller scale
– Killing the boss in a Cyrodiil delve gives a nice boost to CP earning for a time.
– Crtl (being hidden) is one of your best friends while soloing; use it early and often.
– As a healer, I don’t always join groups. Just send out heals through a skill like Rapid Regeneration and what the APs roll in.
– Don’t skip using siege weapons — some well placed oil or catapult / treb can bring in the AP quickly.
– Until they change it, don’t leave a keep after a fight until you get the AP tick.
– If you have to go AFK for a bit, hide yourself in a keep. That way, if it’s attacked you’ll get AP while you’re away.
– Recognize the super pimped out players and stay away from them unless you have a lot of friends with you.
– Play in a non-CP campaign if you’re low CP.
– Do the dailies in the small towns if the action is slow for the moment or you want to take a break. You get money, XP, and AP for the quests.
– If you see or hear that a keep is about to be attacked, port to it before the teleport chain is broken.
– Break line of sight as much as you can if you’re losing a fight. You can extend the fight that way and heal yourself, or hope that a friend comes along in time to help.

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Alex Willis

This is useful, thank you!

My current builds are all heavily melee-focused (heavy armor, stam build, DW+2H). No problems closing the distance but generally need to get stuck in to be useful. Is this going to be a problem? Is Elder Staffs Online the only way to PvP effectively?