Otherland strives to regain players with hard work, more communication, and robust content additions


It’s no secret that Otherland, the MMO based on Tad Williams’ popular sci-fi series, has had an extremely rough go of it through development and launch. It really did look like a game that was destined to be shut down (or to fade into obscurity) within weeks. However, Drago Games is making a valiant effort to shore up the game with tons of new quests and a summer expansion.

Drago sat down with MMORPG.com for an interview on the game, saying that it is attempting to “starting the process from scratch” of building up the game’s playerbase.

“We are now going back to the way it was in the game’s early access where developers communicated directly with players,” Drago said. “We already see from various responses that we are on the right track and we plan to go further to strengthen that relationship, do events of different kinds, but first and foremost be there and answer.”

The team talked up the Fire Isle expansion, saying that players will go through a 60-quest story chain in the zone. “The Fire Isle itself might not be the largest zone we have, but when it comes to the amount of content, it’s surpassing many of them.”

Source: MMORPG.com
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I really loved these books, but the game, at launch, entirely failed to capture their feel. I hope they’ve done better.

Hydlide S

I wish them the best. The game was interesting, just very, very buggy. Polish those and look at what the “top” MMOs are doing in terms of design and mechanics and it’ll find its niche.


I honestly wish this game success, even though it didn’t particularly scratch my itch. Shutting down is never fun, and smaller dev teams need all the luck they can get.

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agemyth 😩

I would like to give this game another honest try soon-ish. It was really really not good when I got in during one of the open betas (aka pre-release demos).

We can always use more interesting sci-fi settings in the online gaming sphere.