Star Citizen looks ahead to 3.2, unveils the new Hercules Starlifter concept ship for sale next week


CIG’s Sandi Gardiner and Eric Kieron Davis are back with another installment of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse, bookending a brief check-in with the 3.2 roadmap and a Ship Shape double-header. The devs say they’re working on mobiGlass, quantum travel, cockpit scanning, space anomalies, procedural props, and the planet and moons of Hurston as they trundle on toward alpha 3.2. Then, in Ship Shape, you’re not gonna believe it, I’m sure, but yes, Star Citizen is debuting yet another concept ship: the Hercules Starlifter.

Up for purchase on May 11th, the Starlifter will come in multiple variants from the new in-universe manufacturer, including a high-capacity commercial hauler, a military version with more firepower, and a straight-up gunship edition. Reddit is already in love, and we haven’t even seen a pricetag yet.

Don’t want to wait for May 11th to buy something? CitizenCon is slated for October this year, and ticket sales are live now. $87 will get you in. Premium tickets are currently sold out until the next round goes up for sale this afternoon.

And here’s that concept ship:

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