Guild Wars 2’s Deadeye is taking another shot from stealth

Bang bang.
The Deadeye is in an all right place in terms of DPS, but that alone isn’t good enough in Guild Wars 2. The problem is that it’s still kind of a mechanical mess, and the latest post on the official forums for the specialization makes it clear that a big chunk of the reason for that is malice. Malice gains are hard to track and understand, and thus players have to sort of guess at how it’s raising and how to best move through skills.

Thus, the next revision to the specialization isn’t focused on improving numbers but on play patterns. Malice is gained through attacking in a unified and comprehensible fashion, with a bonus consumption of Malice stacks coming with stealth attacks. So you pop out of stealth, open fire, then offer a big stealthy finishing blow. That seems all right, doesn’t it? It should mean that your sniping still pulls in solid numbers while also being more fun to play and offering more interesting gameplay.

Source: Official Site via Dulfy
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