Camelot Unchained conforms to GDPR regs, shows off new visual effects


Europe’s new GDPR regulations are creating a lot of busy work for many MMORPG studios including City State Entertainment, which had to spend over 350 hours updating Camelot Unchained’s privacy policy and making other changes to conform to the law.

“We have made a number of changes to our privacy policy based upon the GDPR,” CSE said. “The good news is that ALL of our backers will now have extra protection, rights, and options than they had before. The bad news is that you have to read through a lot of words.”

The studio once again confirmed that it was still on track for July’s Beta 1 test. Some of its recent projects included adding more features for plots, setting up the new forums, adding dynamic updating of the skill bar, laying out the home islands, prepping cross-server scenarios, and more.

Visual effects are coming along nicely, and you can look at a few of these after the break!

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