Black Desert’s weekly patch continues PvP and class rebalance with Karma penalties and crowd control tweaks

Lahn was already live in Black Desert, but when the game returns from its extended maintenance today, she’ll be reunited with her absolute skills. Kakao is also ushering in two new events today and tomorrow: the Lauren Family Gift event, in which players complete challenges to collect coins, and the Valencia Hunt-a-thon.

“Defeat each of Giant Mountain Goat, Giant Lioness, and Giant Lion with [Hunting] Matchlock during the event period and get the great rewards as your trophies! Participation Rewards are given out to all adventurers who participate in this event and the Special Rewards will be given out to the selected participants who get lucky from a draw.”

Meanwhile, Pearl Abyss’ promised PvP (and PvE too) balancing changes continue, despite the cries of doom on the forums and Reddit. This week’s leg of the rollout nerfs experience for negative Karma players, removes crowd control effects from defense-effect skills in PvE, adjusts some Awakening skills to not apply crowd control effects in PvP, and creates a fixed time schedule for world boss spawning. PvP will also be disabled for 15 minutes after a world boss appears. (No, people aren’t happy about this.)

Kakao does acknowledge the ongoing class balance updates with a trinket too. “Via in-game mailbox (B) after the maintenance, you will be able to find a little token of appreciation we’ve sent for bearing with us the recent class balance updates big and small,” says the studio. “We are trying to provide the best balanced environment where all classes can compete and cooperate in harmony. Please continue to show your feedback and we will endeavor to bring updates that would ensure the most stable surrounding for all.”

Source: Patch notes
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Bosses spawning on a fixed schedule instead of randomly – this is a game changer.

Toy Clown

I like the new changes. Less griefers and gankers to deal with when trying to get things done in the game world. They have an entire free-for-all channel with no penalties, battlegrounds and arenas, guild wars and node wars for every taste of PvP. But yet there will always be those forum warriors that get riled up if their ability to gank other players in unmatched circumstances that weigh toward them is taken away.

Yoshi Senpai

It’s a needless change.

Ganking at boss spawns was never an issue and if it was why not make the area around it a safezone like a small city would have when the boss is spawning?

The dumbest part is if you are in the arena when a world boss spawns it kicks you out and you have to wait 15mins before you can go back to PVPing in the PVP area.


The XP loss has always been in for PvE deaths, it’s just doubled now to 2% from 1%.

The CC changes were planned since the beginning so should be largely unsurprising to anyone who’s been following the game the last few weeks.

The removal of PvP during boss timers is pretty overblown. It’s effectively 15 minutes, 5 times a day. People crying about “the death of open world PvP” are just being overly dramatic which is a very Black Desert thing to be.

The bigger controversy is over the set boss timers, which previously people could get multiple boss kills in across multiple channels that’s no longer possible. You’re now locked in channel and however you perform, you perform. They also are only at specific times of the day, which if your schedule doesn’t allow creates issues cause you’ll never see that boss. I don’t think this is a big of a deal, as the same was true in the old system as well and now with bosses spawning at specific times as well.

Toy Clown

The boss timers appear to be pretty spread out, ranging from early afternoon all the way to midnight US times across several days. For example. Thursdays Karanda spawns at 2pm my time and on Saturdays spawns at midnight. There were a couple other spawns as well at varying times, but didn’t get a chance to really look through it. I think they tried to work it out so people have several shots at them.


The timers are moderately frustrating to me, simply because being Central time US, the windows are 1AM, 9AM, 3PM, 7PM, and 11PM. As someone who works a standard 8-5 with a family, my active playtime (rather than afk fishing playtime) is almost always 8-10 PM.

I have a character parked at each of the major boss spawnpoints because I’ve played long enough to have characters in full TRI at each. That’s helped me manage around the randomness of the spawns without changing my schedule, now the only option I have is to give up bosses or change my family or sleep schedule.

After 2 years of having bosses on timers, this is a takeaway by the dev/publisher. It’s not huge and won’t stop me from enjoying the game, but it’s definitely a reduction in the quality of my experience for no apparent reason