Villagers & Heroes’s Midsummer update adds Twilight Vale event zone, buffs monster damage


Crossplatformy indie sandbox MMORPG Villagers & Heroes is building on its May expansion, Wellspring, with another big patch. Where Wellspring buffed the game’s existing housing system, Twilight Vale adds a new event zone, “where mischievous fairies glide through the twinkling skies ready to assail all adventurers, and who lurk in the ever ominous Ladder of doom, have descended upon the Seven Realms to celebrate the always glorious time of year known as Midsummer.”

Mad Otter Games says the update should appeal to everyone from combat questers to crafters to partygoers; the end goal is a new mount and pet. There are also tweaks for guilds, new tool vendors, toy effect changes, auction hall fixes, new cash shop goodies, and some across the board balance changes for dailies, harvesting, and even monsters (monsters do more damage now!).

Don’t forget, the game is on mobile as well as on PC, and yep, you can switch back and forth between them (as long as your account’s not through Steam).

Source: Patch notes
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