Star Citizen’s Around the Verse covers character concepts and the Vulture, while CCP throws shade


Set aside the many Star Citizen dramas of the week and feast your eyeballs on the game’s latest edition of Around the Verse, which couldn’t possibly be controversial, right?

Oh. Oh it’s about the Vulture too. OK then. In fact, the Ship Shape segment focuses entirely on the controversial new concept ship. CIG even discusses the ship’s origins, noting that it’s a spin on the Dragonfly ship.

Incidentally, CCP Games threw some lighthearted shade at CIG over the Vulture/Venture shenanigans, tweeting about it last night.

The studio catch-up, by the by, actually has some really cool shots of characters and costuming, plus a quick run-down of audio work, travel, mission targets, ship interiors, and tundra biomes. And of course, there’s another featurette on personal weapons. Happy Friday!

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