Dungeon Fighter Online outlines plans for a new character, a system revamp, and Hatsune Miku


The team behind Dungeon Fighter Online have some pretty big plans for the summer. How big? Big enough that you can see the full rundown on the official site starting with the system revamp patch on June 19th. Players can balance changes, 85-90 gear changes, and improvements to both guild systems and Explorer Club. That’s enough right away to make the summer a bit more eventful, but that’s also just the beginning.

July will see the addition of the new Agent, whose animations you can watch below in a new video. And that’s with four Awakenings for the character, to boot. August, meanwhile, will bring in a crossover between DFO and the well-known vocaloid Hatsune Miku, which should provide all of the dungeon brwling and idol singing crossover action you could possibly want. (We’re not wholly sure why you would want that, but there is a niche and it’s being filled.) Check out all the details at the official site.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Colton for the tip!

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Love DFO. Great game if you are looking for something a little different. Way better than Closers in my opinion. Especially if you like that retro look.


Agreed! Closers felt much more like an “action” mobile game, the kind where you just mash buttons without much aiming/thought required.

Unfortunately, leveling in DFO has become kind of similar. I’d guess some new players get bored before difficulty ramps up… :(


Miku, the new WoW killer! o.O