EverQuest patches up as EverQuest II brings back Moonlight Enchantments

Yesterday EverQuest pushed out a catch-all patch that made a slew of changes to several of the game’s quests, spells, and events. It’s one of those updates that just patches up a lot of small holes and corrects various issues, such as spells not showing the actual damage being done or pets losing their buffs when zoning into a region. Players will also be able to right-click on charms in their inventory to use those items’ particular abilities.

Over in its sister game, EverQuest II has brought back the Moonlight Enchantments (which ends at midnight tonight, so get cracking!) with new rewards.

“When you pass through these portals, you’ll have a chance to partake in quests that will award tokens,” Daybreak said. “You can take these tokens to the Grotto Merchants to redeem them for special rewards, including over 50 new items.”

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I find it astonishing that they continue to support this game that’s basically in maintenance mode, when other newer AAA games don’t even get nearly as much love, new items, etc available to people outside the cash shop….well done Daybreak.
If EQ2
– had a graphics update
– crunched the hell out of the about 14 different spec-point systems they have
…it would truly be my go-to game. There’s so much I love about it.

Bruno Brito

I would like a crunch but i still think there’s a place for the huge ammount of skills, i would honestly make Daybreak look at the skills and let player choose their rotations.

Like, a Inteligence SK would use Smites and direct spells, a Wisdow SK would use Melee in between DoT’s, etc etc.

Clarifying: Instead of making us having 20buttons rotations, give us a 5 button and let players figure out their rotations between their classes and specs of choice.