Project Gorgon brings out catalog golems to help search player shops

Oh, I get it.

One of Project Gorgon’s old-school-made-new-again features is the incorporation of player vendors. And while that’s all well and good to let players sell their own wares, it does present a problem when it comes to browsing and finding the items that you want to buy from others.

Enter catalog golems: “These adorable little constructs will be happy to search the player vendors for specific items on your behalf, and let you know which shops have what you need. The golems can’t tell you how much the price is, and they don’t deliver the goods, but they also don’t demand tips.”

These golems are just part of this past week’s patch for the indie MMO. Other features of the update include the ability for NPCs to install augments for players, more damage-over-time tweaks for skills, and plenty of additional improvements and fixes.

Source: Patch notes
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Kevin Smith

If you are going to have player shops everywhere in your game you have to have something like this. This is a great tool, it doesn’t give prices just tells you where to go to find the item. Think that is perfect, it still allows for competition but convince.

It amazes me that some games, looking at you ESO still haven’t figured this out. You don’t have to have a center AH but at least make it so I don’t have to go to every zone in the game looking for a particular item.