Starfighter Inc expands its alpha test and overhauls its ship systems


Remember Starfighter Inc? This crowdfunded title was aiming to be a multiplayer spiritual successor to the X-Wing and TIE Fighter games of the 1990s. It kind of dropped right off our radar following the title’s successful $170,000 Kickstarter in spring 2017 (after a failed 2015 bid), but it’s still been space truckin’ along in its development since then.

According to this month’s state of the game report, Starfighter Inc continues to press forward through development and alpha testing, with an overhaul to the “efficiency, functionality, and flexibility” of the game’s ships coming soon. Additional maps and game modes are also in the works.

The alpha was recently expanded in May to include more testers, and the team reiterated that the space shooter was going to get a different (and more official) name at some point in the future. Founders will receive the game before the public release, so if you didn’t back it, you are in for a longer wait to get your hands on this title.

Get a feel for some of the pilot progression and ship customization options in the video below!

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