Closers Online’s Season of Wolves is live with the fatigue system rework

[AL:Clo]If you’re hungry like the wolf, strut on a line right on over to Closers, where En Masse has just introduced Season of Wolves to the anime MMORPG. As we’ve previously covered, this is the update that nukes the game’s fatigue system, making it easier for players to actually play without monitoring arbitrary activity bars.

Closers gather together! En Masse Entertainment announced today the exciting Season of Wolves is now available for the anime-inspired, online RPG beat’em up, Closers. Violet, the greatsword-wielding fighter, has been added to the selectable roster of characters and completes the Wolf Dogs team. In addition to the new playable character, the new Closers Season of Wolves update greatly improves the quality of life playability in the game. UI improvements, overall gameplay balance, and, most of all, the removal of the Fatigue System ensures a fresh and engaging Closers experience to new players as well as seasoned veterans.”

New playable toon Violet is also live in the game, so you can hop in on her and blast your way to level 80. Check out En Masse’s new video below!

Source: Press release
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