Closers details the effects of removing the game’s fatigue system

Keep playing.

When you’re enjoying a game, the last thing you want to be told is that it’s time to stop playing for a while because the game is too tired. So it’s for the best that Closers is yanking that mechanic with the removal of the game’s fatigue system with the game’s next patch. But how will that affect the game as a whole? Why, the FAQ will answer all of those questions!

In terms of overall balance, it shouldn’t affect too much; there are already limitations to entering dungeons and those won’t be changed, and the team is keeping a close eye on the overall balance of items and economy. Players will likely have their existing fatigue potions converted to credits for the Matter Mixer (exact amounts are still being determined), and other consumables will replace stamina potions in starter packs. Similarly, stamina potions found as rewards will be replaced with equivalent rewards. Check out the full rundown for more answers on what the system’s removal will mean.


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there are already limitations to entering dungeons and those won’t be changed

Removing the fatigue system is a nice gesture, but I don’t think they understand the reason it’s a problem in the first place. Think I’ll just continue ignoring this one for now.

Jack Kerras

Hey look! A developer removed a bad system that was a show-stopper for any interest I might have had in their game!

Because fatigue systems are universally a poor long-term plan for moneymaking and every successful MMO that had one had that in the past.