ArcheAge is rolling out the next phase of its fresh-start servers with Reign: Part 1 on July 18

Trion Worlds has announced that the next phase of ArcheAge’s fresh-start progression servers will soon begin, boosting the level cap to 55 and unlocking a new dungeon, two additional races, and a slew of quest chains. The update, titled Reign: Part 1, will unleash the Dwarf and Warborn races and allow players to access their starting areas — Airain Rock, Aubre Cradle, and Sunbite Wilds — as well as the various quest lines contained within. It will also unlock the Mistsong Summit dungeon, where players can earn a variety of loot, including the newly redesigned Mistsong armor set.

On top of the new fresh-start server content, the update will introduce a number of new features for legacy servers, including the addition of Paloth’s Crystals, which will give free-to-play players the opportunity to earn rare mounts through “entirely in-game means.” Moreover, the new phase will introduce “a more powerful new tier of Hiram gear, an overhaul to Sport Fishing, and adjustments to the trade system,” the details of which can be found in the latest dev blog on the game’s site. Expect the whole shebang on July 18th.

Source: Press Release
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Given how convoluted the Archage servers have become… I’m eternally grateful that I jumped off the Archeage train shortly after the game launched. My heart goes out to anyone who stuck with it and has to put up with this nonsense of legacy, progression, fresh start, etc.