MapleStory 2’s second closed beta begins July 18 with founder packs full of poop


If you’re a die-hard Mapler anxious for your next big thing, or someone wondering what the heck a Mapler is, then point your eyeballs at Nexon’s MapleStory 2 site for the answer to both, as the company’s posted up a schedule for its next round of closed beta in the west, coming up on July 18th.

“The second Closed Beta will introduce a number of changes to help us prepare our servers and systems for the full release,” says the company. “This includes new dungeons, more quests to complete, a test of the Meret Market systems and more people to give our network a real workout.”

A second blog post this week dives into everything available in the game’s founder packs, which go on sale the same day as closed beta 2 kicks off. Depending on whether you snag the $25, $60, or $100 package, expect a unicorn mount, outfits, a mushroom emote, titles, and a soft serve tombstone that for some reason looks like poop. It does. They even admit it! The new vids down below should give you a taste of what you’re in for.

Source: Official site, founder packs. With thanks to!
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Brown Jenkin

Ugh this game actually looks great, it is just a lil too cute and juvenile for me. Hope it does really well though!!


This game is so cute it makes me want to punch it.


They are taking too long with this game, either they want it to be as good as possible or I don’t know. I was in the previous test and it wasn’t very good. There is keyboard support, but it’s very horrible. It makes you play like the keyboard is a controller.

Instead it should play like Diablo, Path of Exile, etc. Someone argued that the game is best played with a controller, but I think if they include a Mouse+Keyboard option, it might as well be a good option.