Fortnite rolls out season 5 as Epic Games retroactively grants modders a bigger profit cut

Sure, great, whatever.

Fortnite’s season 5 is live now with its all-new battle pass to turn your free-to-play experience into dress-up battle royale. We know that’s what you’re really all about. Epic is touting the new all-terrain go-kart, flintlock weapons, rift content for battle royale players, and the Challenge the Horde mode in on the PvE-oriented Save the World side of the game in today’s patch.

On the business side of things, Epic Games will be surprising contributors to the Unreal Engine Marketplace, as it’s changing up how much of a cut those player modders are receiving from their submissions. No, Epic isn’t taking money away; it’s actually increasing the player profit percentage from 70% to 88%, and it’s doing so retroactively, going back four years and paying modders the difference from those years. Now that’s a smart way to engender goodwill for one of the biggest games in the world.

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While this story doesn’t affect me directly – I’ve been impressed with this newer, more successful Epic as of late. I hope they stay a larger player for a while – the industry could use some shake-up for the better.


The Unreal Engine Marketplace has nothing to do with modding. Developers go there to buy assets for their games. ; )