Star Wars Galaxies book takes fans back to this late, great MMO


Unless you’re willing to venture out onto the wild space of emulated servers, you won’t be getting Star Wars Galaxies back. That doesn’t mean that you can’t reminisce about this MMO from a galaxy far, far away, thanks to the release of an unofficial fan history book called Galaxies: An Empire Remembered.

The 172-page book recalls the history of Star Wars Galaxies from launch through its 2011 sunset and takes readers through the game’s planets, events, and ongoing legacy. More than 700 full-color images, including concept art, are included in this title. “This comprehensive guide gives those who played the game — and those who never got the chance — an opportunity to relive the nostalgia and excitement of this landmark entry into the MMORPG genre,” the description reads.

SWG creator Raph Koster gave the book his endorsement on Twitter by saying, “The passion fans can have for something they loved never ceases to amaze and humble me.”

And while you’re looking back at Star Wars Galaxies, why not read our own Larry’s favorite memory from that game?


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Ceres Outpost

I miss it man. John Kiser is spot on. NO ONE has created a community-driven game like this since. Not even close. SOE themselves didn’t know what they had created or how the community would enhance it. This game had a lot of problems but it also did so much right. The best part about all that crafting, community interaction, etc? You really didn’t HAVE to be a big part of it if you didn’t want to, but if you did, it was a real treat.

The PVP system was genius. Opt in / Opt out at pretty much anytime, any place.

People had a presence in SWG. A reputation. A real impact. Long lasting friendships were made, business associates, adventures, etc. People invented ways to play the game that wasn’t even imagined by SOE and it was wonderful. That’s what comes out of giving players “gameplay systems” instead of static content (themepark). Oh yeah, and SWG had some themepark content as well. I’ve always said it and I mean it. The players were the content in SWG and your path was yours for the imagining.

I never really knew what my play session in SWG was going to be like from day to day. I could log in with a plan and almost always had it derailed by some other spontaneous adventure created by other players and those were the best play sessions. SWG was a virtual home away from home for a lot of us, myself included. It was a “Second Life” in a fun world.

I’ve gone back and played with some of the emus and it’s hard to play these days with the advances we’re all used to now. We really need someone to take a hard look at SWG’s game model and modernize it.

Oleg Chebeneev

I didnt play SWG much but Id read that

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Thanks for speaking about it. I would have missed it completely.

Bruno Brito

I’m playing this on a pserver. Screw nostalgia, i’m living it.


Ach is it time to consign these memories to history books yet? Come ooooon, don’t remind me I’m getting old….

John Kiser

I really miss this game. I miss inseparability it provided that we haven’t really seen done right. I mess the sandbox elements that were done right without foisting PVP on everyone that doesn’t want to partake in it. I miss actually having a game where roleplay became important because of the design.

Oleg Chebeneev

MUDs might be your best bet. There is new big space sci-fi MUD coming soon called Starmourn

John Kiser

I’ve been around for MUDs and GMUDs at the peak of their popularity. While some elements are good others are less than desirable in how they work and the MMORPG genre was a sort of saving grace from those elements. I’m aware of Starmourn, but I grew out of MUDs a long long long time ago (don’t ask why I stay on top of them if I don’t plan to play them I just keep up on gaming news of all sorts). I think it is refreshing MUDs still come out, but I want this stuff done in a more can see the world directly as opposed to the way most MUDs do things.

There are a lot of MMORPGs that are coming out that hit the right marks in a lot of ways, but sadly many don’t seem to grab the most basic concept that PVP being optional is the best way to set up these games. You’d see roleplay in SWG for say dancers or people interacting before going out adventuring and the likee. You had musicians and all sorts of other elements and they still actually served an in game purpose outside of just roleplay. Entertainers could buff up a party before they went out.

The thing we have now is a sort of “everyone go do everything” mentality. Being an armor smith, miner, and blacksmith while being a warrior tank. There is no reliance on other people to potentially make that stuff you need and then the craft person doesn’t need to rely on the person gathering and the person gathering doesn’t need to go out and get group to find what they need. I mean while they can go on the auction house/marketplace or whatever to buy these things it is more the fact that it isn’t a direct necessity because there is no interoperability.

I’d love to see this stuff done in an MMORPG that actually isn’t all about turning itself into a PVP gankbox on top of it. SWG invented the flagging systems we use today (albeit less lazily done) and used PVP planets (areas you could 100% avoid) as a place to go if you wanted the unfettered PVP. People could keep the tag on any time they wanted to PVP and take it off if they didn’t. People not wanting to participate in PVP could flat out ignore it and not be attacked.

Sadly now sandbox has become synonymous with “everything goes” and it just creates trolly as hell environments.