Richard Bartle’s new book seeks to intersect theological thought and MMORPG design

If you're new to our genre, first of all welcome, and second of all you should be familiar with Dr. Richard A. Bartle, a...

RuneScape’s new illustrated book recounting its 20 year history is released

If you're a fan of RuneScape who likes coffee table books filled with concept artwork and tales of the game's 20 years of development,...

MUD creator Richard Bartle’s seminal book on designing MMOs is now free

When MMORPG players encounter the name "Bartle," they think less malt liquor and more a man who helped to pioneer the massively multiplayer online...

Braving Britannia: Tales of Melancholy, Malice, and Peril in Ultima Online book chronicles player experiences in the seminal MMORPG

Back in 2018, we ran an interview with author Wes Locher about his book that was all about "Life, Love, and Adventure" in Ultima...

Secret World player publishes fifth ‘unofficial’ novel

For Secret World Legends fans, one truth is pretty evident: They're not getting any new stories in the game -- at least, any time...
oh no skellingtons

World of Warcraft: Shadows Rising is a solid book stuck in an uncomfortable midspace

My long-standing policy for the prequel novels for World of Warcraft expansions has been to not read them. We've gotten these things for a...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Reviewing ArenaNet’s Complete Art of Guild Wars 20th anniversary edition book

Talk long enough to Guild Wars fans about their favorite franchise, and chances are that sooner or later, they will start gushing about the...

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is getting a prequel novel called Shadows Rising

If for some reason you're still really hoping that Blizzard will pull some good storytelling in World of Warcraft, maybe point your eyeballs to...

Fan author of The Secret World releases a fourth book in her unofficial series

Do you remember The Secret World fanfic author Amber “Blodwedd Mallory” McKee? She's an author who was given the go-ahead by Funcom to write,...

Enter to win a digital copy of one of the Unofficial Legend of The Secret World novels!

Back in October, we covered the heart-warming story of a Secret World Legends player who wrote a novel based on the game's IP. The...

Funcom allowed a fan to publish and sell a novel based on the Secret World franchise

Here's one for the warm fuzzies bin: MOP reader Ocho (@BigMikeyOcho) of Casual Aggro and Beyond the Veil was first to cover the fact...

Diablo franchise history book Stay Awhile and Listen nears the end of its Kickstarter

Has it really been a month since we covered Stay Awhile and Listen, the second volume in David Craddock's history of Blizzard's development of...

Interview and excerpt: The ‘Braving Britannia’ book preserves Ultima Online’s oral history

Earlier this week, we wrote about the launch of a new book that's right up MMORPG fans' alley. Dubbed Braving Britannia: Tales of Life,...

Star Wars Galaxies book takes fans back to this late, great MMO

Unless you're willing to venture out onto the wild space of emulated servers, you won't be getting Star Wars Galaxies back. That doesn't mean...

New Ultima Online book gathers developer and player interviews to document oral history

Old-school MMORPG players, heads-up for you: If you're a fan of Ultima Online or wanted to hear more about the seminal MMORPG after reading...

Guild Wars 2 announces weapon contest winners, adds new in-game book interface

Remember that design-a-weapon contest that Guild Wars 2 was running last month? Well, it is all over now, and ArenaNet tallied up all of...

Buy a whole book’s worth of technical breakdowns of the EVE Online frigates

Do you enjoy owning books based on MMOs? Are you the sort of person who enjoys in-depth technical diagrams and discussion about fictional craft?...
Roberts and Garriott

Richard Garriott publishes his memoirs

When you've lived a life as wacky and full as Ultima creator Richard Garriott, it only stands to reason that you'd probably want to share your...
It's just like Magic: the Gathering, but without any cards your friends can destroy like jerks.

Blizzard’s new book publishing company is bringing back oldies but goodies

Remember last year when Activision Blizzard announced it was getting into the entertainment business with its movie production studio? It's also getting into the...

A Parent’s Guide to Video Games: Condensing ‘The Video Game Debate’

Remember The Video Game Debate? The game research book edited by Thorsten Quandt and Rachel Kowert, the latter of whom we've been covering here since Massively-that-was? Good....