Trove compensates players for recent downtime

A routine maintenance cycle for Trove this past Tuesday triggered a small crisis as bugs slipped in due to a new OS and network driver. While the team eventually did revert the OS and get the game back up and running, the downtime caused by the issue was significant and left players craving their blocky sandbox fix.

The good news is that any of those affected are due for some compensation. “As a thank you for your patience as we worked to straighten out these unexpected issues, we’ll be granting some goodies for those of you impacted,” the studio said. Eligible players will be getting three bronze companion eggs and two lustrous gem boxes (if they haven’t already).

Hot on the heels of its third anniversary and Geode expansion launch, Trove just brought its latest event, Sunfest, to an end; you can check out our play-through below!

Source: Trove

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You have to love some players: the first reply in that linked thread is someone basically whining for better compensation… LOL


While it is true that Trion did not really need to do compensation at all, so getting anything is nice, it is also true that giving out bronze companion eggs is a bit…well, it almost feels like they are highlighting the other problem they’ve had. Lack of silver and gold eggs in the game, plus the near-nonexistent chance of getting anything more than a common companion from bronze.

I was thinking, as soon as I saw the compensation message, that giving out 1 silver egg would have been better than 3 bronze. And, funny enough, that is exactly what the first comment on the forum said as well. I’m sure comments after that devolved rapidly as such things tend to do, but I at least think that initial forum poster had a reasonable suggestion.