Destiny 2 previews expansion gear, plans PvP changes, investigates streaky RNG

Still got your eye on Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion coming out at the tail end of summer? Prepare your trigger finger too, as yesterday Bungie previewed some of the new “tools of the trade” that’ll launch with the expansion. Sighted bows, molten armor, ghostly pistols, flamethrowers, it’s genuinely good stuff (that I can’t wait to see ported into moddable single-player games I play, *cough*).

Bungie’s latest dev diary has a few more bits worth noting, including intentional adjustments to “time to kill” in PvP, a preview of the 4v4 Lockdown PvP mode, unlucky RNG rolls, Engram acquisition, and several fan videos worth a peek.

Finally, pencil the Solstice of Heroes event into your calendars; starting on Tuesday, Bungie will kick off that event with new challenges that’ll net you some armor upgrades.

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