Trove has just launched its exploration-centric Geode expansion and new battle royale minigame

The first leg of Trove’s Geode expansion has launched today, with brand-new mechanics for the blocky-cute sandbox.

“Players will find themselves on a brand new planet with a seemingly endless network of caves to explore,” Trion says. “Built with a wholly distinct feel, Trove Geode is the next chapter in the Trove universe, with combat taking a backseat to exploration, as players discover new collectibles and companions, embarking on story-driven quests through Geode’s maze of tunnels and cave systems. Players will climb to epic heights of Mastery, reaping the rewards and amassing a collection of styles to customize their look through a massive selection of weapons, costumes, hats, mounts, wings, and more!”

The second phase, which will task players with saving the planet itself, is set to “begin in earnest later this year.” Bomber Royale is live today too – in fact, I completely forgot about it when writing this morning’s Daily Grind about MMO battle royale integration.

“The new free expansion also introduces an all-new Bomber Royale mode, a fast and frenetic free-for-all mode where players enter a battlefield and chuck bombs at each other until only one Trovian is left standing. […] A quirky spin on battle royale gameplay, Bomber Royale has up to 20 players armed with a variety of different bombs to hurl at each other, decimating the terrain and laying waste to their opponents!”

Some of the new explorer-centric parts of Trove’s Geode expansion helped it win our “most innovative PvE” award at E3 this year. Check out all our coverage so far:

And don’t miss the brand-new trailer!

Source: Press release
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