With 17M registered players, Trion’s voxelbox Trove launches in Japan

Trion Worlds is in an expansionist mood of late. Earlier this week, we learned Atlas Reactor was porting to Steam in China. Today, the MMO studio announced it has launched Trove in Japan as a free-to-play title on the PlayStation 4.

“Trion Worlds is proud to announce that Trove, its hit voxel MMO game, has released in Japan. Published in the country by DMM Games, Trove is available now on PlayStation 4 digitally and at retail stores. […] Prior to releasing in Japan, Trove launched in China in late 2017 to great success, with the expansion into the region pushing it past the 17 million player mark, with that number poised only to grow as the game releases to Japanese audiences.”

Over on our shores, Trove players are anticipating the summer launch of the Geode expansion and its battle royale mode.

“The Japanese version of Trove will be updated on the same schedule as other regions, so players in Japan can expect regular updates and exciting content at launch and beyond,” Trion says.

Source: Press release

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I can’t stand games with those Minecraft graphics, it makes me want to puke. If it had normal graphics, I’d probably give it a try at least.


It’s pretty telling of the company that Trove, a game made by a couple of guys on their lunch break, is their most successful game.


Maybe it’s a really good game….ever think of that?
I have over 2000 hours in Trove, it’s a fricken awesome game and saying “a game made by a couple of guys on their lunch break” doesn’t change that fact, it just shows ignorance.


The best selling PC game ever — Minecraft — was cobbled together by a single dev, at the time an employee in a web development company, working on his spare time, drawing inspiration from cult games like Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and Infiniminer.

Sally Bowls


Japan+PS4+BreeApproved should = $$$

Especially since Sony is going to be flogging the PS4 for another three years.