Ship of Heroes introduces the mixed-race Meltdown, preps for August login test


Superhero and… wealthy mixed-race intergalactic businessman? That’s the intriguing makeup of Ship of Heroes’ Meltdown, a character who is as much a CEO of his own interstellar export company as he is a powered-up crime fighter. He has since relocated to the game’s main setting, the starship Justice, and runs his operations there while helping others tamp down evil.

“While he is able and willing to fight for the ship in emergencies, Meltdown believes that his greatest accomplishment is building and paying for the cool toys that keep his friends alive,” the devs wrote. “He is currently the richest of the ‘big five’ heroes, followed by Iris, and is happily married to a civilian woman — see if you can spot her in our older videos!”

Ship of Heroes is still in the middle of its alpha program and is preparing for a login test some time in early August. Beta is still on track for the end of this year.


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That red suit just looks like his nipples were painted to be owl eyes. The metallic blue on the right is far more stylish. I suppose money =/= good taste or fashion sense.

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Ken from Chicago

Even a superhero has to eat.


Ozymandias with the looks of Dr Manhattan.


Good progress SoH devs! I’m ready for some serious playtime.