Conqueror’s Blade plans early access, promotes founder packs for beta


You’d be forgiven for having forgotten about Conqueror’s Blade, both because it’s been in development for years and because it’s a bit outside the traditional MMORPG wheelhouse as more of a tactical game – like RISK the MMO. But it’s finally coming to early access in the west.

“Global publisher and developer Booming Games are proud to announce that they have teamed up to publish free-to-play tactical medieval warfare MMO Conqueror’s Blade in the European and North American regions. The game immerses its players in a life of military leadership both on and off the battlefield, with tactical and diplomatic choices to make that will determine the ultimate ruler over a massive, resource-rich and populous network of territories. Players will take to the battlefield as aspiring warlords to fight brutal skirmishes over a massive open world environment securing territory for the glory of their house (clan) or alliance.” says it’ll be free-to-play, but of course you can pick up founder packs on the official site right now running $14.99 to $99.99. That bottom tier does include closed beta. “Dates for Closed Beta and Early access phases will be released in the near future,” the studios promise.

Source: Press release
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