Dungeons and Dragons Online announces Sharn: City of Towers expansion and Tiefling race

At GenCon this weekend, Standing Stone Game announced a special surprise for Dungeons and Dragons Online fans: a brand-new expansion.

Sharn: City of Towers is coming to the game sometime in 2019, bringing with it the much-requested Tiefling race as a character creation option (including animated tails!). Players will get “the opportunity to hobnob with high society in Sharn” while also heading down into the Cogs to seek adventure.

SSG said that it wanted to do a new urban exploration setting, and Sharn was perfect with its floating towers and the dichotomy between high and low classes. Some of these adventures will even be “James Bond-like” due to stealth and spy approaches. Players should expect far more in the way of explorable areas with mini-dungeons and other discoveries.

Get the full scoop directly from the game’s producer after the break!

Source: DDO Players. Thanks DDOCentral and Wakkander!
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he looks super happy…


More information about the upcoming Sharn expansion and future plans (including the classic module ‘The Isle of Dread’) are in this second interview with DDO Executive Producer Severlin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4DXLZj-S8c


I am so impressed with the work Standing Stones has and is doing since they took the reins. New races are such a nice addition since character building is central to DDO. So glad for all the new modules to explore. I have barely scratched the last pack and now this.

blahlbinoa .

I always wished they started the game in Sharn. It’s such a great place for how DDO is ran. So glad they are adding it now, might buy into this when it drops in the future.


Also coming later this year in October is a new The Night Revels Halloween event dungeon and the return of the Spectral Dragon from the original Halloween event, Mabar.

Lieutenant BaconWaffles

Tieflings were something I wanted when I first played.


I’m not a big Eberron guy, so this news isn’t as big a deal to me as other expansions, even Ravenloft, which given gothic horror isn’t really my style, surprisingly had my interest more piqued. I wish they could do more for these ‘expansions’, which don’t seem to earn the title. One race, a handful of quests, maybe a raid or iconic, seem more like glorified dlc.

I realize DDO is long in the tooth, and probably has a dwindling playerbase, but I wish we could see something truly big, or a sequel.

Also wouldn’t mind seeing a shake up to the development and free to play model a bit as well. A hybrid model mixing, dare I say, star citizens feature blitz, and crowdfunding I think would match well with the title. Imagine a backer page only instead of buying pixel ships for use by the company to throw in whatever wishlist features they had, they instead just put out a full feature list and let players individually back the content they want. Each feature has a minimum goal and eta for development to complete which takes into account the studio resources, and players could get their preorder by pledging to it, go over thresholds to get the gold seal hirelings, tomes, and vip time that would typically be included with the collectors edition. And unlike Star Citizen there is actually a fully playable game while all this stuff is developed.

Regular revenue would still be pooled into the bug fixes and maintaining the servers, as well as whatever the development team saw as the highest priority among the feature list, but if fans really wanted psionics to be added they could pledge towards that goal and if it is met the team puts it up next in the queue. If successful enough they could contract additional devs to help speed it up, expand upon it, etc. Vip players could choose as a part of their benefits to have half of their sub fee put into whatever feature they wanted.

The development cycle would become increasingly transparent, and if players complain about why isn’t X in the game the devs can simply point to that features fund status to show that there just isn’t enough support to warrant it.

I’ve thought about such a development model for years and won’t go into even more of a longwinded scrawl, and I can’t say for sure it would be entirely feasible; but I really think it would mesh well with the classic D&D model of splatbooks and modules, and possibly fulfill on the promises of crowdfunding in a much better way.


They should do…..something… for the game that pioneered F2P in the west they’ve kinda fallen behind the times now.