Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts downplays currency stockpiling controversy: ‘You win by having fun’

It takes some work to find new jokes to be made here.

Pay-to-win? What’s that? That’s just your silly imagination getting worked up over nothing.

This seems to be the company line concerning RSI’s Star Citizen and the recent decision to remove the pre-launch real-money currency cap. While the community is in an uproar over the ability for players to stockpile huge amounts of currency before launch in order to gain a competitive advantage, the studio seems to think that this is much ado over nothing.

Last night, Chris Roberts followed up on a rather tone-deaf PR statement from this past week, downplaying the issue and pretty much denying that pay-to-win is a thing that could possibly affect the sheer joy that is Star Citizen. “This may be a foreign concept to gamers as the majority of games are about winning and losing,” he said, “but Star Citizen isn’t a normal game. It’s a First Person Universe that allows you to live a virtual life in a compelling futuristic setting. You win by having fun, and fun is different things to different people.”

Roberts said that this backlash seems strange considering that “some people” don’t have a problem with others stockpiling ships, to which one person noted, “The stockpiling ships is also a problem, but heaven forbid you mention it on this sub.”

Meanwhile, Roberts also announced last night that the 3.3 update will launch in October in conjunction with the CitizenCon events. For those of you keeping track at home, that does mean the company isn’t sticking to its quarterly schedule for a tick, but we suspect that won’t matter too much to the people who will go see it at the show.

Source: Reddit. Thanks Godnaz and Cotic and Ichi!
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