WRUP: Our 2018 character poll edition


As we near the end of the year, it’s time for us to start figuring out which characters to include in next year’s cast lineup. Obviously, this year we had a wonderful lineup, aside from Too-Much-Drinking Franklin, but we can only include a few of our cast members in next year’s arrangement. So please, peruse this list of characters from the past year:

  • John “The Dwayne” Rockson, former amateur wrestler and current wrestler of people who are not exactly amateurs but still need more experience, you know?
  • Noisy Pete, sometimes called “the guy what makes the shrill sound whenever he touches water and wants to live inside a shower for some reason.”
  • Quiet Patricia, who actually makes the same sound but only does so when she thinks about clams.
  • Burmble
  • Bilbo Baggins, the bravest little hobbit of them all, who is not at all related to the character owned by the Tolkien estate but by complete coincidence had identical adventures.
  • Too-Much-Drinking Franklin, who has a very good contact and thus gets to be listed here.
  • Alternate Universe Lady Abraham Lincoln, who is a rapper in addition to being a female version of legendary president Abraham Lincoln, except she shifted dimensions rather than being shot in a theater.

Please let us know in the comments to this week’s What Are You Playing which of these characters you would like to see next year and which ones you want locked in the Forgetting Closet. Also, let us know what you’re playing. Just for giggles.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Got my third crafter polished off in the Star Wars Galaxies Legends emulator, so I’m probably going to be doing a lot of droid engineery type things this weekend as I try to remember how all that works! I am still a lot of resource rolls away from what I consider full capacity for what I like to do and am good at, but I have a really bad feeling about the state of the economy in there. We’ll see.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’m pretty much done with the writing part of my first impressions vis-a-vis World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, but I’m still working my way up in levels. Aside from that I’ve got some projects to finish up in Granblue Fantasy, my usual stuff in Final Fantasy XIV, and my rather neglected playthough of Octopath Traveler.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I don’t think that anything other than Battle for Azeroth is going to demand my attention, which is as it should be right now. I’m rotating through my crop of characters and progressing them all slowly but steadily through these new zones.

Patron Pierre: Destiny 2 and State of Decay 2 for a third week in a row. There are so many things to do in these amazing games, I never get bored. I love State of Decay 2: there’s something about this game that’s so addictive, I don’t even know what.
With the launch of the Final Season of The Walking Dead (the game) this week, I decided to go through the first 3 seasons before playing the final one. I’m knee deep into the first season and man, is it good! One of the best adventure games ever (after Life is Strange, still the best one). I’m already preparing my box of Kleenex for the end of the season. If you never played season 1 of TWD, I really think you should. Finally, I couldn’t resist and went back to World of Warcraft. Thanks for all the recent turmoil around this game guys, couldn’t you keep silent? My social life is probably over now ;-)

Your turn!

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Nate Woodard

Put in about 14 hours at work yesterday, so I’m just being lazy today. Have a long week on the road this week. Flying out to DC on Tuesday for work and will probably be there until Friday. Short of that I’ve been plugging away in WoW taking my time and enjoying the scenery. Possible Canada trip coming up for fall foliage and given that I’ve only taken a week off in the last two years, it will be a welcome time of relaxation with the Mrs. Same for her as she’s a nurse and works long hours in the intensive care unit at our hospital. Have a good rest of the weekend folks!

Loyal Patron

I’m playing lots of games in a round of ‘brutally purge the Steam library’. The things you own own you, and unplayed games have a nagging weight like a claim on my future free time. Each gets a quick (or not so quick) go to see if it warrants a stay of execution.

I’m hoping to end up with no more than 25 titles, along with a small core of classic oldies that I’d never be without (HL2, Dark Messiah, Dragon Age Origins, Dishonored etc). It’s not proving to be as easy as I thought it would be, and I still have another 60 or so titles to cull.


Still caught up in Project: Gorgon, I must have clocked hundreds of hours since I went back to it and it doesn’t seem anywhere near short of things I want to do.


New alt on ESO, so just questing and stuff with her. The secret to making Dunmer is I think to cover the forehead up with something :)

Also Vampyr and I got the remastered Arkham Ayslum and Arkham City in the latest Microsoft Summer sale so am really enjoying going through Asylum again.


I finished all of the Stormblood launch content on FFXIV, so now it’s on to whatever comes next while also leveling up other Jobs to 70 (RDM was my first). I’ve enjoyed the story of Stormblood a lot so far, but I wish more attention was paid to regional accents. It feels like they tried sometimes, which just makes the parts where they didn’t more obvious. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but it’s something I noticed a lot.

I recently bought Graveyard Keeper and was having a wonderful, amazing time with it. Right up until I wasn’t. I ended up refunding it on Steam because of balance issues (some of which may have been remedied already, to be fair) and a feeling of incompleteness. Definitely a game I want to return to in the future though. Honestly, I might return to it sooner than that because what was there really spoke to me. Uuuuuugh.

Anyway, for now I’m playing Kingdom Hearts II. I kind of regret choosing normal difficulty but it’s too late to go back now. Besides, I still have two more games in 1.5 and then all of the games in the other collections going forward. So, beating KH2 faster isn’t exactly a bad thing.

And as I was typing this message a friend gifted me MHW on PC, so I guess I’ll be playing that, too! Have a good weekend, everyone.

Malcolm Swoboda

Mainly RIFT. Live character hasn’t been doing much (but trying to start into questing the Celestial Lands again…), but Prime has been me basically finishing Iron Pine Peak and moving through Droughtlands. My sub runs out in about a week and I think its possible for me to at least cover Droughtlands, and if I sub another month, I guess I could get into Moonshade/endgame zones/Lv 50 before a T3 raiding releases. I don’t think Storm Legion will happen until the end of the year anyway.


This week: From our conversation over on today’s DG, a memo to developers everywhere:

Find out what it means to me!”

Also this week: I am sorry Mr. raphael, I am currently fully sucked in with both my Gnome and Goblin army over on WoWstar working what seemingly is one of the most Bartle’ist expansions to date. Well at least when it comes to leveling. And suffice to say, I have no plans in hitting 120 anytime soon, let alone on 4 hours of straight game play. So my Lyn army over in Lyn & Soul will have to wait for awhile. (Not that they mind, as they are in no real rush in hitting level 55 either.) <3

Have a great week and weekend folks! :)

PS: R-I-P, Ms. Aretha. /bows


This weekend is Double XP in Star Trek Online. Normally that drives me away but there are enough activities I can do that don’t reward XP, so my main is happily collecting and crafting until he can resume questing on Monday. I did take advantage of the bonus XP to create test characters for both the Klingons and Romulans so I could browse their shipyards and decide what professions I’d play for each faction. I also couldn’t resist creating a couple of Federation farming alts. I’m of course using them to farm currency but they also collect lore items at the Academy. I don’t think I’ve ever farmed lore before, but only one piece of lore a day just won’t do for me.

Danny Smith

I don’t know if i love it as an mmorpg but i’m loving the kul tiras experience as a lifespan of the game long alliance player. Its elements of Fable, Pirates of the Caribbean, Amnesia a Machine for Pigs, The Wicker Man, Blair Witch, HP Lovecraft combined and feels like the best parts of Duswood, Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills mixed together.

Will that keep me enthused when story dries up? probably not. But its reversion to being a roaming adventure instead of everyone going ‘CHAMPION, your dick is so big and you are the best guy ever!’ bullshit is nice. It feels like im playing an rpg again not just a gear treadmill subtrap of chasing timed content.

So far at least.


MHW with a friend, WoW and Dead By Daylight when solo. Might do a bit of FFXIV but I’m pretty burned out of it; Patch 4.36 did nothing but turn me off further because I’m not interested in grinding a boss purely for vanity right now. May or may not jump into Sea of Thieves during my days off to do the skeleton ship battles as well, ’cause there’s not much more for me to chase after beyond a few commendations and hoping that random matchmaking isn’t as garbage as it often is.

Danny Smith

FFXIV really is in a slump now. SB isn’t bad but its definitely the cata to HW’s wotlk. They spread themselves too thin across too many niches. The whole game is like the golden saucer right now: lots of things to do but only 10% of it packed with people doing it.


Well part of it is also that they didn’t give adequate rewards so it’s sort of like I’m just twiddling my thumbs waiting for September’s Patch 4.4. Yeah I can keep grinding to max out my Mendacity upgrades and shiz, but that gets boring when I’m not doing the top-end Savages and such.

It just feels like the effort:reward ratio is all sorts of screwed up at the moment. Especially when the grind in Eureka is so god awful and the rewards aren’t as good as what you can get from simply playing a more casual weekly pace.