Skyforge outlines the mechanics of its new Battle Royale mode

We’ve gone through the glut of games being released as battle royale titles, but why stop there when we could make existing games into battle royale titles? That’s not quite what’s going on with Skyforge’s new Battle Royale mode, but the option will be a separate and standalone element of the game. Even if you don’t have a character in the main game you’ll be able to drop in and start playing with one of the 12 heroes available.

If you’re thinking that seems like fewer classes than are actually in the game, well, that’s by design; the idea here is a VR simulation of mortals competing, hence none of the normal classes or character options. Instead, it’ll be all about small arms and near-human abilities.  Each character will have different powers, however, so there will still be an important element of who you’re playing, but between the guns and the different characters it will likely feel very familiar to anyone who has played… let’s just say other battle royale titles.


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Grave Knight

Sounds like a waste of resources. “Hey, we’re gonna add a new mode to the game that technically isn’t part of the game and doesn’t enhance the core aspects of the game.” This is such an obvious attempt to draw in new players into a game that’s hemorrhaging players due to very poor design choices in attempt to “improvement.” And ultimately it probably won’t work.