PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds puts players on a survival track for improved reward cadence

Maybe the real rewards in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds weren’t the chicken dinners, but the people we shot in the maps along the way. The new survival supply system, arriving with the game’s next major update, is along those lines. It works similarly to the game’s event pass system, but without any premium option and with no max level. Fill the gauge, unlock temporary items for intermediary levels, and then get a permanent item every 10th level. So doing more stuff also gets you more rewards to make the game feel, well, rewarding.

BP rewards are also being altered, as the previous metric was entirely based upon kills and not playtime. Avoiding fights would actually be counterproductive to your final score. The new metric factors in time played, which means slower maps should still be rewarding and avoiding players becomes far more viable as a strategy. Check out the official site for a thorough breakdown of these changes in play.


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this is pretty good. the reward track was shit before. but then i get the appearance based on the state of the hat market for the game that it’s smarter to just to sell your crates for wallet money and buy what you actually want rather than gamble for near certain chance of items of low value and desirability.