PSA: No, Gina Bruno is not leaving Elder Scrolls Online or Bethsoft

Last night, Elder Scrolls Online Community Manager Gina Bruno’s Twitter account began blurting out a series of awful tweets that usually means only one thing: She done got hacked.

In addition to spouting racist and sexist content, the hacker used Bruno’s account to awkwardly accuse another Bethesda employee of sexually assaulting her and to announce her resignation from the company. Needless to say, those are all lies, apparently designed to slur not just Bruno but the entire ESO studio.

“Hi everyone, thank you for the concern,” Bruno told players in the forums, confirming the hack. “I just want to say this is not true. My personal account was compromised tonight. I’m working with Twitter to regain ownership, but in the meantime, anything being posted in the past hour or so is not me.”

The account is currently not safe for viewing at work, I’m afraid, due to the graphic nature of the images uploaded.

Update: Looks like Twitter got it sorted.

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