Black Desert Online rolls out three new in-game events, announces remastered soundtrack


This week, Black Desert Online didn’t undergo its regular maintenance, so although there’s no new patch, Pearl Abyss is making up for it with a slew of new in-game events. The first event, Under the Moonlight, runs from today until October 10th and will allow players to acquire Moonlight Shards, which can then be combined via alchemy with Memory Fragments for a chance at producing additional Memory Fragments and, rarely, more Moonlight Shards.

The second event, running from today until October 3rd, tasks players with gathering Energy of Spirit event items and using them to help grow each server’s Young Kamasylve Tree, for which they will be amply rewarded with Gift of Spirit lootboxes that can contain one of many valuable items ranging from equipment and upgrade items to crafting tools and potions.

Lastly, the devs want players to show off their homes in Grana by submitting screenshots (with the graphics set to Remastered or Ultra Mode, at 1920 x 1080 resolution or greater) of their homes via Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BDOgrana2018. Two grand-prize winners will walk away with a shiny new GTX GeForce 1070 graphics card, and 40 other winners will be rewarded with an in-game item pack that contains a 30-day Value Pack and a 15-day Blessing of Kamasylve. You can check out the full details for each event on the game’s official site.

And in other news, the folks at Pearl Abyss also want to highlight that the game’s audio was fully remastered alongside the graphical remaster, with “100 new, original songs and improved voice-overs for the game’s NPCs.” For a preview of the remastered soundtrack, scroll on down and hear the new tracks for yourself.

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