Ship of Heroes shows off the lighting of its day and night cycle in a new video


If you want to be really pedantic, the sun does not rise or set in Apotheosis City, the home setting of Ship of Heroes. The characters are on a spaceship, it’s all artificial. But players are indeed going to be seeing a day/night cycle in the game, and the latest video from the development team shows off that cycle. It’s sped up, but you can still see how the city goes from the first lights of morning to the more impersonal lights of the night.

Of course, the designers still want you to be able to see what you’re doing during the night, which is why it’s a net positive that you’ve got street lights, window lights, and the like all illuminating the street. The finished game should have a cycle running somewhere between one to three hours, so it’s definitely sped up and compressed within the video below. But it’s a good look at the lighting and the changing of the time.


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Matt Redding

That’s really nicely done. The night cycle was pleasant to look at but still very visible. The night cycle really brought out the art quality and lighting effects quality of the buildings and cars. Hm, I suppose that flashy superpowers may also look very nice during the night cycle! This is actually the first video I’ve watched for this game and I’m pretty impressed.

Kickstarter Donor

That look makes a huge difference not being so bright and shiny all the time where it is blasting you in the face. It looks really good and conveys a more varied atmosphere.


TEH FEELZ! Especially when Meltdown was flying, I thought I was watching my mystic archer in COH.

Thanks for sharing

So….I had a thought.

This is a great big ole ship travelling through the cosmos and at some point, things go awry. Because the center cannot hold. Things fall apart.

So the back end of the ship is taken over by space ne’er-do-wells.

First part of story, ne’er do wells succeed and blow up one of the levels causing the ship to split into two. One massively larger piece and one smaller piece the bad guys are on.

In order to try and save folks on the smaller back section, the leadership of good guys, has a tractor beam installed to hold on to smaller piece while they figure out how to deal with ne’er do wells and save the remaining good peeps on smaller piece.

Bad guys make raids and slowly consolidate power in their part of ship. Good guys try to save back half while slowly realizing they may be fighting a losing battle and whether they should just kill tractor beam and let back half fall into a black hole.

Eventual storyline is leadership despairs, bad guys have begun raids on the remaining ship and they are losing will of people who just want the bad guys all gone.

Leader either loses power to someone willing to do the unthinkable OR despairs completely and does so themselves.

Evil guys part of ship slowly begins to float out of line with rest of ship but wait, at the last minute before they cross the event horizon , the evil guys make a raid and steal tractor beam tech from good guys and now reverse it so they are literally skating along behind good guys.

It’s got heroics and dastardly doings for all sorts of heroes.