Ship of Heroes shows off the lighting of its day and night cycle in a new video


If you want to be really pedantic, the sun does not rise or set in Apotheosis City, the home setting of Ship of Heroes. The characters are on a spaceship, it’s all artificial. But players are indeed going to be seeing a day/night cycle in the game, and the latest video from the development team shows off that cycle. It’s sped up, but you can still see how the city goes from the first lights of morning to the more impersonal lights of the night.

Of course, the designers still want you to be able to see what you’re doing during the night, which is why it’s a net positive that you’ve got street lights, window lights, and the like all illuminating the street. The finished game should have a cycle running somewhere between one to three hours, so it’s definitely sped up and compressed within the video below. But it’s a good look at the lighting and the changing of the time.

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