MassivelyOP’s guide to MMO Halloween 2018


Whether or not you consider yourself too old to put on that Hulk or Sparkle Twilight costume and prance (“HULK PRANCE”) around the neighborhood for free candy, MMOs make it easy for us to regress into the spirit of our childhoods with fun Halloween events. As always, there is a lot to see, do, and get this year, especially if you are into the spookier side of the season.

In fact, pretty much every major (and most minor) MMORPGs have an event going on, which is why we have compiled this handy list to get you started on your quest to hit them all!


AdventureQuest 3D – Explore yourself one gothic vampire castle for Mogloween.

Age of Conan – Halloween events are running on all servers, including the new Blood Saga one!

Aion – NCsoft would love you to buy one of Aion’s decorative outfits.

Anarchy Online – Halloween Spooktacular is live along with a subscription deal. Time to return?

APB Reloaded – Halloween kicks off on October 30th.

ArcheAge – ArcheAge’s Hallowtide brings trick-or-treating fun for the whole family. And then you’ll get back to ganking!

Aura Kingdom: There’s a Halloween party raging in the Forgotten Forest — will you be attending?

Atlas Reactor – Even in the near-future, there is Halloween craziness. It’s just holographic now.

Black Desert – Spook joins the holiday as a new event boss. Have you taken him down yet?

Blade & Soul – Call this game Blade & Ghoul for a couple of weeks! Lots of goodies and boosts to go with the holiday.

Bless Online — The game’s first Halloween event coincides with Bless’ recent launch!

Champions Online – Bloodmoon is back, baby, even if the game is sort of in maintenance mode.

Closers — Craft some Halloween-themed items up on the main stage and walk away looking fabulous.

Conan Exiles — This survival game’s first-ever Halloween event is a one-night-only zombie fest.

Crossout – Where better to celebrate Halloween than in a post-apoc MMO? Decorate your death machine with cute pumpkins!

Dark Age of Camelot – A Hallowed Lost quest, pumpkin patch rewards, Mournful King event, and a Ghostly Harvest quest await you in this year’s offerings.

DC Universe Online – It’s the Witching Hour once again in DCUO. Don’t look now, but there’s a spider on your back.

Defiance 2050 – Hulker Hell made the transition to this rebooted sci-fi MMO.

Destiny 2 — Remember the fallen by killing a ton more for the Festival of the Lost.

Dungeons and Dragons Online – Partake in the Night Revels once again.

Echo of Soul – You’ve got your option to fight “ghostly monsters” in the world or decorate cities with pum’kins.

Elder Scrolls Online — Move into a cozy witches hut and brew up some dark activities with this year’s event.

Elsword – There’s a sweepstakes that gives you a chance to get a huge pile of virtual currency. Good luck!

EVE Online — Run the gauntlet of the Crimson Harvest and enjoy those new visuals and content!

EverQuest – Nights of the Dead has returned to this classic MMO!

EverQuest II – Slightly less old-school players will also be pleased to see the return of Nights of the Dead to EQII, parts of which extend even to the progression servers.

Fiesta Online – Turn into a monster and rampage through a maze, what more do you want?

Final Fantasy XI – Tooling around in the old world? Costume contests and trick-or-treating are happening with the Harvest Festival.

Final Fantasy XIV – It’s Circus Season once again in XIV as All Saints’ Wake is live.

Fortnite – Hexsylvania was last year — prepare for Fortnitemares!

Guild Wars – It’s Mad King’s Day in the OG Guild Wars! For two weeks. His jokes always slay the audience.

Guild Wars 2 – Tyrians bear witness to the return of the Shadow of the Mad King event, including the Mad King fight and the zergy labyrinth.

H1Z1 — Hauntfest is granting players the option to buy and play their way to new cosmetic rewards.

Hearthstone – The Headless Horseman rides again in Hallow’s End!

Kritika Online – Can you find the Haunted Room in this MMO’s Halloween event? And will you ever come back if you do?

Lord of the Rings Online – Harvestmath comes with tons of new content this year, including a creepy Bingo Boffin questline, an unsettling farm zone, and actual trick-or-treating at people’s houses.

Mabinogi – Make sure you log in every day to get what’s coming to you! Which is rewards!

MapleStory – Who you gonna call? Ghoul Busters!

MapleStory 2 — This brand-new MMO has a not-so-haunted hotel to explore. It’s probably (definitely) cute.

Monster Hunter World — Check in at the Gathering Hub to see how you can partake in the various festivities.

Neverwinter – Grab a mask and see how well you fare in the First Annual Contest of Liars.

No Man’s Sky — The new update brings in “eerie elements” into this exploration game.

Overwatch – Somebody barfed Halloween all over Overwatch’s maps. That’s a good thing.

Paragon Chat – Miss City of Heroes? The MMO’s old Halloween event makes a reprise on this emulator!

Path of Exile – Plenty of microtransactions will empty your piggy bank in a hurry!

PlanetSide 2 – Nanite of the Living Dead V is back this year, although connection issues hampered the start of it.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — If you have a chunk of cash, you too could be sporting these costumes!

Pokemon Go – Ghosts and dragon-type pokémon can be captured by the best trainers right now.

Project Gorgon – Raffles and spooks and scares are having their weird fun in this indie game.

Revelation Online – Win some “nightmarish treats” in this MMO’s Halloween competition.

RIFT – What’s going on in the Xarth Mire? Find out and enjoy the usual assortment of fall festival activities to boot.

Roblox – You can earn up to 18 fun rewards by adventuring in the Sinister Swamp. Ooo!

RuneScape – Oh, Death WILL do you part… once you play through these mortal quests!

Secret World Legends – Samhain rolled out for SWL players, with the (re)addition of The Broadcast quest series.

Shroud of the Avatar – SOTA went roleplay-heavy with this year’s Halloween event, so dust off those acting skills!

Everyone just likes burning scarecrows.

SMITE – The Reaping will get you! But that’s a good thing, because all it’s going to do is stuff some goodies in your hand and send you on your way.

Star Trek Online – STO is running one-day-only quests on Halloween day.

Survived By — Go out in style by crafting an exquisite tombstone!

TERA –  Delve into the Harvest Festival Hall dungeon and fight off waves of monsters.

Trove – Shadow’s Eve is spreading across the land, and there are limited-time outpost adventures to brave.

Twin Saga – What’s inside the Scary Box? You’ll have to work hard to find out!

Ultima Online – Pumpkin patches and haunted graveyards are once again the norm in this classic MMO.

Villagers & Heroes – Spooky Town and the Haunted Moors are keeping things appropriately spine-chilling this year.

Vindictus — Guide lost souls home and get free rewards just for logging in!

Warface – The dev team has some really cool stuff in store for the community this year with another remade map.

Warframe – Day of the Dead is back with a limited-time tactical alert. Also, costumes.

WildStar – The game is hosting its very last Shade’s Eve before next month’s shutdown, so check it out before it’s gone.

Wild Terra – Halloween has already landed in this sandbox; it’s also 75% off right now!

Wizard101 – Are you up for joining the community in a Halloween run?

World of Tanks – “Monster” tanks are running all over the countryside.

World of Warcraft – Will this be the year you get the Headless Horseman’s mount? HAHAHA no.

World of Warships – Two words: Halloween submarines.

We’ll be adding more to the list over the next week as we head to the big day – let us know in the comments if we missed anything!

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