Closers offers up a spooky stage for Halloween fun


You might not think that Seoul is the most happening place for Halloween celebrations, but Closers knows that Halloween is something you carry in your heart. And in your clothing when you unlock the rewards awaiting you for taking part in the spooky new Halloween-themed stage, which earns you Medium and Large Pumpkins to craft special items. Elite players can enter the stage twice per day, normal players can enter once per day, and all players can pick up special rewards just for logging in as well. So get in there, earn some pumpkins, and craft some Halloween style!

[AL:Clo]The patch doesn’t just include Halloween, though; there’s also a promotion for Wolfgang to Special Agent, meaning new gear and new tiers of power for him. Players can also earn special items for a limited time upon reaching milestone levels with Wolfgang, with rewards available retroactively if you’ve already leveled him up sufficiently. So it’s a little something extra with the Halloween antics; one might even describe that as something of a treat.

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