Bless Online is replacing Founder’s Packs with new launch DLC packs


The official launch of Bless Online is a week away, and Neowiz has announced it is going to be replacing the game’s Founder’s Packs with new launch DLC packs for players to purchase. Founder’s Packs will be officially unavailable for purchase at 1:00 p.m. EDT on October 23rd, and the new Novice Pack, Warlord Pack, and Legendary Warlord Pack will be taking their places.

The cheapest of the packs, the Novice Pack, will run you $19.99 US, and it includes 30 days of premium membership, a bunch of 30-day buffs and benefits such as premium skins, gathering tools, and XP bonuses, as well as a skill-reset scroll and one free gender/appearance-change item. The next tier up is the Warlord Pack, which costs $49.99 US and includes everything in the Novice Pack plus 1,200 Lumena and the fiery Warlord weapon and costume skins, while the Legendary Warlord Pack will go for a whopping $99.99 US and will include everything in the Warlord Pack while also boosting the duration of the buffs and benefits to 60 days.

This seems like a particularly bold move in light of the game’s frankly catastrophic Western “open beta”/soft launch and the recent announcement that the Korean Bless Online servers would be shutting down this November. It’s worth noting, however, that these new DLC packs will not be necessary to play the game, as it will be free-to-play when it officially launches on October 23rd.

Source: Steam

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Ben Stone

Is it actually ready for an official launch? I haven’t checked in on it in ages.


the amount of blunder and delusion they produce is outstanding.

jamie torch

Sounds to me like they are completely divorced from reality .


That may be proven wrong when people start buying the DLCs. Don’t underestimate people. They bought the B2P version.

I was thinking I might buy it when I heard it’s coming to Steam, but I decided I wouldn’t give more than $10, because such game doesn’t deserve it, it’s F2P level of quality after all. But they sold it for $30 at the lowest and $150 at highest if I’m correct.

I ended up not getting it after all.

Brother Maynard

If at this point people buy any of it – especially the $100 packs – then the gaming community is beyond any hope.


That ‘bundle’ is a hilarious mess, and not simply because of what is on offer for grabbing it.

Their ‘spreadsheet’ is so poorly set apart that you have to more often than not reread the entire thing JUST to try and compare, because it both does and doesn’t just add to the top (a bloody amateurish mistake, by the by).

And then what is on offer? For 5x the price of the basic bundle you get… double the time on buffs and cosmetic garbage? Oh, and because its the $100 bundle, you should be excited you get… 2 8-slot extensions for your inventory… Boy do they know how to spoil you! That’s sixteen elf butts you can carry you couldn’t before if you were a ‘fiiiilthy cashual’ and paid a mere pittance of $50 for it instead.

Seriously… The distribution of this stuff would be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that everything on display is so utterly and clearly desperate. They can’t even be bothered with tossing currency into the basic bundle–which for monetization’s sake is a horrible choice. You WANT people to look into your shop, and that is why many games throw currency at you with a bundle. They want you to see what is on offer, and think ‘hey, if I put 5 bucks in I can buy that awesome looking thing’. It’s simple shorthand to convince people to invest, and once they do that once it becomes more and more likely they’ll continue to.

Locking currency handouts to the $50 version just means the people already interested (if there even is any) in giving money doesn’t have to give as much for their initial purchases.

Castagere Shaikura

LOL are they freaking kidding with this.


Bold indeed. The cash grabbing doesn’t stop for this title.

Kenji Takeda

Good luck, this game was never good to begin with , i’m not sure why it got hyped for the NA release .

Now that BLESS console version dosn’t look that bad.

Jo Watt

Eh. Was the only “new” mmo to look forward to even though we already knew it was doing bad everywhere, there was always some hope they would eventually get it right…

Kickstarter Donor

Sad, but true.