Black Desert Online improves Mirumok Ruins and asks Russian players to apply for transfers


It’s patch day for Black Desert Online and today, that means the Mirumok Ruins have been substantially adjusted. The recommended attack power is lower, the party size is smaller, the AP and DP of the monsters has been reduced, and a lot of monsters have had their HP increased substantially. You should ultimately find expeditions into the ruins more fruitful and enjoyable, which works out well in the end.

Players will also be faced with adjustments to the functionality of node wars, as there are new restrictions to ensure that only controllers of tier 1 nodes fight amongst themselves; this should reduce the chance of smaller groups being horribly outmatched by more experienced guilds. There are also two new events running now, with special rewards for Pearl purchases along with the Mischievous and Fortunate event rewarding players for beating up targets for loot. Check out the full patch notes if you’re eager to get into the new additions.

And speaking of additions, players on the Russian server will want to submit applications for account transfer now that the whole game isn’t just discarding player progress. This was a fairly recent development as the game changed hands from a local publisher (GameNet) back to Pearl Abyss, and it was only sorted out recently when both parties reached an acceptable negotiation. That might be best done sooner rather than later.


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