Halloween blows through RIFT, Trove, ArcheAge, Atlas Reactor, and Defiance 2050

Smoke on the water

Something sinister is brewing over at Trion Worlds, and soon the whole world will pay the price as Scott Hartsman’s corgi transforms into its true nightmare self, full of howls, cuddles, and savage nibbles. Actually, it’s just a full batch of Halloween events running across Trion’s MMOs.

RIFT’s Autumn Harvest kicks off on the 18th, with toxic spores running amok in the Xarth Mire and plenty of festive events to complete before the season is buried alive. There are plenty of new weapon skins, companions, and costumes to gather this year, too!

Trick-or-treating arrives in ArcheAge around October 24th, so sandbox players can take a day off ganking each other’s pack mules to chase candy like gleeful kids. Or perhaps you want to spend the holiday in Trove, where Shadow’s Eve creeps up on October 23rd and brings new outpost adventures and limited-time prizes.

The newly minted Defiance 2050 is already running Hulker Hell with special Halloween-themed goodies as rewards. And lest we forget, Atlas Reactor is still doing its thing, and that thing includes the return of Holo-Haunt (now with bonus loot matrixes!).

Source: Press release

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Brother Maynard

Something sinister is brewing over at Trion Worlds

Justin, may I ask that you begin all Trion articles with this? It fits so well…

jamie torch

I’m one of the people who has stuck with Rift ( live ) but our guild all notice the dropping playerbase , there are rumors going around that on the EU servers that its down below a thousand active players now . I am not sure how true that is but its dead at the moment and with seemingly no chance of a new expansion in site ( after nearly 2 years since the last ) things are not looking good .