Villagers and Heroes’ Haunted Moors takes you back to Spooky Town


Won’t you take me (back to) to Spooky Town? Halloween is upon Villagers & Heroes, and that means the Haunted Moors event zone first introduced in 2017 is back in business! Players can dress up — or not –and join in this scaled zone to flings new spells and effects into the faces of nightmares, skeletons, zombies, and plenty of other holiday hooligans for themed rewards and xp.

The 2018 version of the event brings with it new costumes and mounts that can be earned or purchased from the item shop; players can earn also earn a new polymorph that turns them into the Bogeyman and a new pet, the Bogeyworm. Also introduced this year is a system of daily quests to help players earn their rewards. Even better, gold and XP rewards now scale with players’ level.

The Haunted Moors patch includes some balance changes to classes, stats, and dungeons along with quest fixes, bug fixes, and general improvements. For full details, check out the official patch notes. And you can watch the dev preview stream embedded below.

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